How To Disable Pop-up Blockers On Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Opera, Safari for All Browsers?

Pop-ups are very old technology that is used in web sites or web applications in order to interact, warn, or make the user focus on a specific content by creating new browser windows.

What Is Pop-up Blocker?

Pop-up blockers are used to block or prevent popups. Especially in the 2000s a lot of web sites were using popups. In general, popups are annoying for the web users and generally blocked by using builtin or 3rd party popups blockers provided by browsers. By default, most of the popular browsers enable builtin popup blockers and this can create problems in some cases.

Disable Pop-up Blocker On Google Chrome

In Google Chrome the built-in pop-up blocking feature is enabled by default. If we want to see the pop-ups we should disable the pop-up blocker for Google Chrome. In order to disable the pop-up blockers, we should navigate to the Pop-ups and redirects configuration on the Google Chrome settings. We can open the pop-ups and redirects configuration Menu Icon -> Settings -> Privacy and Security Category -> Site Settings -> Pop-ups and redirects steps. Or simply we can use following address which will directly open the Pop-ups and redirects the configuration screen.


We will just enable the Allowed configuration like below.

Disable Pop-up Blocker On Google Chrome

In the previous configuration, we have disabled the pop-up blocker completely for all web sites. But alternatively, we can disable pop-up blocker for specific sites and continue pop-up blocking for all other sites. First the Allowed configuration must be disabled and the Allow category should be added to new web sites.

Disable Pop-up Blocker For Specific Site In Google Chrome

In the following Add a site we will type the domain name of specific web pages of the site we want to disable pop-up blocking or simply enabling pop-ups. Below all pages about the pop-ups will be enabled.

Enable Pop-ups For Specific Web Site

Below we can see that pop-ups for is enabled but disabled for all other web sites.

We can manage pop-up enabled specific web sites by using the web site menu like below. We can block, edit, or remove the web site or domain from this menu.

Disable Pop-up Blocker On Mozilla Firefox

By default Mozilla Firefox built-in pop-up blocker is enable. We can disable Firefox pop-ups blocker from the Options menu. Options menu can be opened Firefox Menu -> Options -> Privacy&Security or directly using the followin address which will open the Privacy & Security screen.

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In the following screen, we will just uncheck the Block pop-up windows feature which will disable the pop-up blocker.

Disable Pop-up Blocker On Mozilla Firefox

Alternatively the Exceptions screen can be used to allow pop-ups for specific web sites and domain. We will just type the domain or web site we want to allow pop-ups and click to the Allow button like below. The last step is click to the Save Changes button.

Mozilla Firefox Pop-up Exceptions

Disable Pop-up Blocker On Microsoft Edge and Internet Explorer

Microsoft Edge is the successor of the Internet Explorer browser and following instructions can be also used for the Internet Explorer. We can navigate to the pop-ups configuration from Menu -> Options -> Privacy&Security .

Disable Pop-up Blocker On Microsoft Edge and Internet Explorer

Disable Pop-up Blocker On Opera

Opera is allowed pop-ups by default which is different from other popular browsers. But if we enabled the pop-up blocking we can allow pop-ups or disable pop-up blocker from the Settings -> Content -> Site Settings -> Pop-ups and redirects like below or we can use the following address to directly navigate to the pop-up configuration screen.


Disable Pop-up Blocker On Opera

Alternative we can manage disabling pop-ups blocker for specific sites which is very similar to the Google Chrome from the Allow like below.

Disable Pop-up Blocker On Opera

Disable Pop-up Blocker On Safari

Safari is Apple MacOS X specific browser. Like most of the other popular browsers, the pop-ups blocker is enabled by default and in order to show pop-ups, the blocker should be disabled. Safari built-in pop-ups blocker can be disabled from Options->Block Pop-up Windows

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